Samson Travelling

Samson og Bambino med solgløtt.jpg
Documentary, 18 min.

Samson (11 years old) is a Roma. In the summer Samson and his family goes travelling, but they have trouble getting into the campgrounds. Samson thinks this is sad, because he wants to be with his friends.*96240

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The film has been shown on NRK Super, the Norwegian Short Film Festival, and was nominated for the Ministry of Culture’s human rights prize for short films.

We believe that the documentary Samson on the Road will help create a new understanding for the Roma culture and respect for this ancient nomadic people – who are still a rare minority in Norway. In this way we show that cinema helps move borders and allow unique insights into a multicultural and colourful Norway.

– Ingrid Dokka, curator
Advisor, the Norwegian Film Institute

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With: Samson Lakatos and family
Director and writer: Lowri Rees
Camera and editing: Lowri Rees
Producer: Peter Bøe for Medieoperatørene
Financing: Ministry of Children and Equality, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
The film was made in cooperation with Megafon, NRK Super, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation