Documentary, 45 min, 2016.

Roza’s song is an unique insight into the Norwegian Roma community. The film follows the Roma woman Roza and her dream of making the first Norwegian Roma CD. The film gives an insight in a collective way of living, in contrast to an increasingly indiviualistic Norway.


Roza’s song premiered in Oslo at the International Roma Day 8 April 2016. The film has screened at Nordic Docs Documentary Film Festival in Fredrikstad, Norway, NAFA Film Festival in Bergen, Norway, Femmina Film festival in Verdal, Norway, SVA Film and Media Festival in Minneapolis, USA, World Film Festival in Tartu, Estonia, Kratovo Ethnographic Film Festival in Macedonia, the Festival Film Library at Rai Film Festival in Brighton, UK, and in Zürich, Switzerland. The film has also been screened at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and is sold to universities in Switzerland and Australia and libraries in Norway.

The film can be seen at with a Norwegian library card.

ROZA plakat JPEG mini

Director/writer: Lowri Rees
Cinematography: Janne Lindgren
Co-photographer: Caroline Woie
Editing: Astrid Skumsrud Johansen, Thomas A.Østbye, Robert Stengård
Sound: Svenn Jakobsen
Grading: Håvard Fossum
Producer: Peter Bøe for Medieoperatørene
Financing: The Norwegian Film Institute by Maria Fuglevaag Warsinska-Varsi, NRK, Arts Council Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs