Anthony and Josephine in Norway

Anthony og Johanna.png

Documentary, 27 min.

The film follows Anthony and Josephine who have fled from Sudan to Norway. After a time they separate, and Anthony moves for himself.  During the meeting with the Norwegian culture he must settle into a new life and a new man role.
Anthony i sofa.png

The film won the Special Jury Prize at Minimalen Film Festival in 2007, and has been shown on NRK and other festivals. The film is available at filmarkivet:

«A sober and insightful documentary about cultural differences and gender roles. The theme is well known, the problem is not new, but the film adds something new through it’s humanity and it’s open view.«

– The jury at Minimalen short film festival

Director and writer: Lowri Rees
Cinematography: Kari Wåle
Sound: Marianne Revhaug
Producer: HiL
External Financing: Frifond